Brittany Power & Robyn Rosen

Brittany has taught a number of different classes at Religious School.  This year, she is team teaching Grade 7 and helping to develop a new curriculum for the grade.  A Temple member, Brittany is also culinary professional and caters many of Temple’s dinners and events.  She is currently a full time student at UTSA, studying sociology and anthropology.  She plans to begin a graduate program in Food and Anthropology next fall.

Robyn is excited to be returning to Temple Beth-El Religious School again this year!  She looks forward to working with your children.  During the week, She is a teacher at Judson ISD.  She has two children, Zachary (14) and Ashley (12), and a wonderful husband, Scott.  Please let hre know if she can assist you or your child in any way this year.

WEEKLY UPDATE JUDAICS 5/4/14 (7th Grade)

Today was a very eventful day for seventh grade. After Tefillah (worship service) we read Escape From the Holocaust, a “do-it-yourself adventure” book in which the choices you make lead to different paths through the historical period.  We followed this with an open discussion. One of our ma’aseh, Stephen Marcus, presented a lesson on Israel and took questions from the class. From 11:15- 11:45, we opened the doors to our Eyewitness to Jewish History museum. Finally from 11:45 - 12:00, Rabbi Crystal visited with us to say goodbye; the students had many interesting questions for him.