Sunday Mornings with Rachel Stern


The Sacred Building of the People Israel


Oct. 1

What every Jew should know about Israel…A crash course on the personalities, history and culture that exemplify the modern state of Israel.

Nov. 12

Ki Mitzion Tetzei Torah….The ideal of Israel in our prayers

Dec. 10

A Different Kind of Democracy…Israeli Politics 101…How is the Israeli government different then the American system? How does the Knesset reflect a different model of governance and consensus building then we are used to here in the US?

Jan. 7

Teaching Israel to our kids…How do we teach our children to love Israel with their whole heart and a critical mind?

Feb. 4 

ABC's of Israeli organizations….So many groups support the State of Israel. Which ones are right for me? A primer session on what’s out there and how various groups differ in mission, perspective and prominence.

Mar. 4

Marking Holy Time in the Holy Land….how does the rhythm of Jewish life change when all the rules are Jewish?

April 8

Da-ati vs. Cheloni….the clash between Religious and Secular Values in the State of Israel….How do tensions between the ultra-religious and the secular communities play out big picture and day to day.

May 6

Cultural Diversity in the Holy Land…Who makes up the population in Israel today? How does this impact the reality of a Democratic Jewish state in the future?