Stepping Stones to Jewish Knowledge: A Basic Judaism Course


Orientation and First Class—January 9, 2020


Section 1A — Stepping Stones to Jewish Knowledge

6:30-7:45 pm

Open to anyone who would like to reinvigorate their Jewish knowledge or begin their journey to conversion. Topics include life cycles, holidays, prayer, history, and theology.

Section 1B — Beginning Hebrew, The Aleph Bet 

7:45-8:30 pm

(note: Stepping Stones and Hebrew will be taught concurrently each week)

Section 2 — Choosing Judaism  

Delve deeper into the topics previously learned as well as the more personal conversion process, including group discussions, journaling opportunities, and community partnerships with congregants.

Members interested in attending the Stepping Stones to Jewish Knowledge course are encouraged to do so. This group becomes a community during the course, registration for the entire first section is necessary.


Completion of the Introduction to Judaism course is a requirement for all conversion candidates. If you are interested in exploring the conversion process please contact Iris Berman-Smith at 210-733-9135 ext. 106