Committees & Chairs

Committees meet on varying schedules and cover a broad range of topics.

Members of the congregation may contact committee chairs (either directly or through the Temple office) if they have specific questions or concerns, or would like the committee to review an issue.

Financial Management 

Budget and Finance Committee – Jean Kolovson
Investment Committee – Richard Benedikt
Human Resources Committee – Sharon Teich

Financial Development 

Kimmelman Fund Committee – 
Legacy Society Committee – 
Summer Day Camp Committee - Mark Eichelbaum


Social Action Committee – Marsha Krassner and Dan Klein
Religious Practices Committee – Elaine Kovner 
Chesed V'Emet - Leslie Sapadin

Education and Youth 

Lifelong Jewish Learning Committee – Robin Kressbach
Youth Committee – Jeff and Lori Greenblatt 
Archives Committee – Candy Gardner
Library Committee – Mark Ingram

Facilities and Operations 

Building and Grounds Committee – Becky Schenker
Interiors Committee – Harriet Oppenheimer and Lyn Selig
Security Committee – Charles Marcus
Technology Committee – Bregger Garrison
Cemetery Committee – Michael Swanson
Kitchen Committee - Roger Ojeda

Membership & Communications

Membership Committee – Susan Rosenberg and Jen Eichelbaum
Shalom Committee – Sandy and Marcia Katz
Marketing Committee - Jeff Goldblatt
Sisterhood – Carole Kerman
Brotherhood – Andy Kabbe

Nominating & Leadership Development

Nominating Committee – Joshua Sutin

Ad-Hoc Committees

Cemetery Visioning – Russell Davis
Sanctuary Visioning - David Adelman
Library Visioning - Joshua Sutin