Adult Education Special Series with Amy and Gadi Ben-Dov, Session 5: October 7th “Black Saturday” and Beyond

31jan12:00 PM1:00 PMAdult Education Special Series with Amy and Gadi Ben-Dov, Session 5: October 7th “Black Saturday” and Beyond

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The State of Israel from the Rise of Zionism through 2023: The first 75 years, How did we get here and what will happen next?

The world changed on Simchat Torah – October 7,2023. All of us in the Jewish community experienced a collective tragedy unlike anything most of us have seen in our lifetime. We are all trying to process and understand what brought us to this point and where to go from here. That includes many people who have deep relationships with Israel and have been there many times, and others who have never been before.  So many questions have arisen: How could this happen? How did this happen? What actually DID happen? While there are no simple answers to these questions, our response is to return to our own history to best understand the foundations of Israel and creating a basis of knowledge to help contextualize today’s events.

Within the heart of the Jewish people lies the State of Israel. The words that come to mind to describe this ancient land include: dynamic, historic, energetic, demanding, difficult, layered, nuanced and complicated.  To best understand our current events, we will embark on a series that will begin in the early days of  Zionism laying the foundations that will get us through the British mandate period and the turn of the century. From there we will share in the experience of the new State’s formation in 1948 and through the ensuing decades until today. We will discuss the people, places and events that have shaped our history.

As we conclude and look to the future, we will have had an opportunity to strengthen what we already know about Israel, add information that wasn’t previously there, and regardless of our opinions about Israel, be able to ask ourselves (and maybe even answer), how does all this relate to us? By the end of our seminar, we will strengthen a foundation of knowledge about the Jewish State, we will be able to zoom out and zoom in, contextualize and look forward.


Session 5: October 7th “Black Saturday” and Beyond

What happened to the State of Israel on that fateful Simchat Torah morning of October 7th.  What happened to Israelis what happens next? We will take a closer look at the events that began on this terrible day and led the state of Israel into a state of war.


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