Temple Support

  • General Operating Fund – Provides funds to support the widest variety of Temple programs and services.
  • Temple Endowment Fund – Supplements General Fund expenditures.

Building and Grounds

  • Jacobson Garden Fund – Underwrites the costs of improvements and maintenance of the Jacobson Garden.
  • Kay and Dennis Stein Kitchen Fund – Purchase the necessary equipment needed for food preparation and food service.
  • Perry and Frances Kallison Temple Accessibility Fund – Underwrites the costs of enhancing the accessibility of the Temple for those who are physically challenged.

Religious School and Education

  • Frieda and Milton Fischer Cultural and Educational Fund – Underwrites special educational and cultural programs.
  • Fred and Erna Miller Memorial Religious School Fund –Benefits our Religious School students and teachers with scholarships, equipment, and other needs, not otherwise covered in the Temple budget.
  • Carl E. and Sandra S. Wulfe Educational Fund – Fund will be used to further the Jewish education of the congregants and their families of Congregation Beth El.

General Charitable

  • Jack and Estelle Kaufman Community Outreach Fund – Supports those projects and programs directed to the wider community of San Antonio which meet humanitarian needs and/or strengthen interreligious relations.
  • Landsman Family Relief Fund – Helps individuals and organizations to relieve the suffering caused by human-generated or natural disasters.

Discretionary Funds – Support charitable organizations, needy individuals, and worthy programs, at the sole discretion of the named Rabbi or Education Director, in keeping with Temple policy.

  • Rabbi Nathan’s Discretionary Fund
  • Rabbi Yergin’s Discretionary Fund
  • Cantor Julie Berlin’s Discretionary Fund
  • Rabbi Stahl’s Discretionary Fund
  • Education Director’s Discretionary Fund

Camperships and Scholarships

  • Juliette and Jack Art Ma’aseh Scholarship Fund – Provides scholarships for ma’aseh (Religious School Assistant teachers) to participate in special programs of Jewish content outside San Antonio.
  • Brotherhood Scholarship Fund – Provides partial funding for Temple youth on life-changing trips to Israel, March of the Living, or equivalent non-US Jewish experiences.
  • Dunkerley-Smith Scholarship and Education Program Fund – Provides annual scholarships to Temple members or dependents enrolled as a junior or senior in an accredited college or university or a post-graduate student. Also, to be used for an annual grant given to a non-profit organization to underwrite educational programs for low-income families to learn about home ownership and personal financial management.
  • Joseph, Rose, Myron, and Norman Fink Memorial Loan Fund – Provides non-interest-bearing loans, not limited to Temple members; to be repaid within 2 years.
  • Freeman Student Loan Fund – Provides non-interest-bearing loans to college students, to be repaid after graduation.
  • Rabbi Mark S. Goodman Youth Development Fund – Provides scholarships for young people to attend summer camps, youth conclaves, pilgrimages to Israel, and conventions.
  • Charles B. Hilton Campership Fund – Provides scholarships for Religious School students, grade 5 and above, to attend Greene Family Camp.
  • Helen Jacobson Youth Education Fund (A Sisterhood Fund) – To be used by Temple Beth-El Sisterhood to enrich the Jewish life experiences and education of the youth of Temple Beth-El.
  • Aaron and Rose Mandel Campership Fund – Sponsors all camperships to URJ’s National Academy in Warwick, New York.
  • Arthur L. Riklin Scholarship Fund – Underwrites scholarships for young people to participate in worthy Jewish and general educational programs.
  • The Betsy and Lee Rosenberg Greene Family Camp Campership Fund – Provides scholarships for Temple Beth-El youth to attend Greene Family Camp.
  • William J. Rubin Campership Fund at Greene Family Camp – Provides annual scholarships for Temple children to attend Greene Family Camp for Living Judaism in Bruceville, Texas.
  • Mary Scharlack Memorial Jewish Growth Fund – Provides scholarships for worthy adult members of Temple Beth-El to participate in regional, national, and international opportunities for Jewish growth.
  • Constance T. Seltzer Memorial Children’s Fund – Provides special programs by leading experts in Jewish education for students in the Temple Religious School and to offer financial assistance to young people of the Temple to participate in Jewish camps, conclaves, and tours.

Special Purpose

  • Milton Bendiner Library Fund – Purchases books, audio-visual equipment, films, tape recordings, CDs, DVDs, supplies, and permanent equipment for the Library.
  • Dorathy Dreeben Block Pulpit Fund – Maintains and refurbishes the Wulfe Sanctuary pulpit and bronze ark doors.
  • Brotherhood Fund – Supports Temple Beth-El Brotherhood.
  • Charles Eilenberg Memorial Bulletin Fund – An unrestricted endowment, designated by the Board of Trustees to offset the cost of printing the Temple Bulletin.
  • Gilbert and Ruth Lang Human Endowment Fund – For religious, cultural, educational, humanitarian, and other purposes.
  • Sol and Selma B. Mongite Oneg Shabbat Fund – Sponsors Oneg Shabbat receptions on designated occasions.
  • Renee and Kurt Pomper Senior Transportation Fund – Provides transportation and related services to older members of the Temple.
  • Esther and Harold Vexler Prayerbook Fund – Purchase prayer books and bibles for the Temple.
  • Sisterhood Fund – Supports Temple Beth-El Sisterhood.
  • Mildred and Albert Strum Memorial Senior Adult Fund – Meets the needs of the senior adult members of the Temple and Jewish community.
  • Seligman-Washer Memorial Musical Arts Fund – Supports the Temple’s budgetary ability to support the congregation’s music program.
  • Osias and Beulah Wolf “Feed the Hungry” Fund – Underwrites the costs of cooking projects by Temple volunteers who prepare meals for various agencies that provide services for the needy.
  • Jean and Jesse Wulfe Religious Enhancement Fund – Underwrites major religious, educational, and cultural programs at Temple Beth-El.
  • Youth Fund – Supports youth programming and participation in youth activities at Temple Beth-El.