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Noah Aronson


With the publication of the Mishkan T’filah siddur came a dynamic new way to interact with our liturgy. The poetry which has been masterfully curated for this siddur is now providing fresh fodder for composers to explore our rich tradition. Join Noah Aronson as he shares music from his album “The Left Side of the Page”.

Craig Taubman

 What do you do when you find out that the oldest synagogue building in Los Angeles is up for sale? Well for singer/songwriter Craig Taubman the answer was simple. You buy it. Join Craig Taubman as he shares the story of the Pico Union Project interwoven with the beauty of his music. See how sometimes to make a difference in the world all you have to do is make space. 

Nefesh Mountain

Nefesh Mountain is the place where American Bluegrass and Old-time music meet with Jewish Heritage and tradition. Band leaders, genre-pioneers, and husband and wife Doni Zasloff and Eric Lindberg are the heart of this eclectic offering, and share their love for American music, their own cultural heritage, and each other with audiences throughout the world. Join Nefesh Mountain for a special Havdallah and Concert. 

Elana Arian

February 4, 2021 – 6:30 pm • Zoom

Have you ever heard the phrase “Two Jews, three opinions”? It is no different when it comes to the music based on our Jewish texts. Join Elana Arian as she teaches about the concept of “Music as Midrash” and explores different composers’ settings of the same piece of Jewish text. Together we will uncover and better understand what each composers individual midrash on the text may be.