TBE60s+ Singles

The mission of TBE60s+ Singles is to renew old friendships, make new friends, and enrich our synagogue life, while adhering to the “3 Es” of Entertainment, Education, and Eating.
You need not be a Temple member to participate!

Look at what we have planned for the coming year!


Wednesday, September 6, 5:30 to 8:30 pm – Bracken Bat Cave! 26101 FM 3009, Garden Ridge, TX 78266. Bracken Cave is the summer home of more than 15 million Mexican free-tailed bats (Tadarida brasiliensis), making it the world's largest bat colony and one of the largest concentration of mammals on earth. The emergence of these millions of bats, as they spiral out of the cave at dusk for their nightly insect hunt, is an unforgettable sight. Maps to the cave will be sent to those who sign up and pay $12 per person in advance. This is an outdoor event, so wear cool, comfortable clothing and closed-toed, comfortable shoes, and bring insect repellant if you need it. You will need to be able to walk ½ a mile. Water and benches will be provided. Cameras and binoculars are allowed, but no flash photography. No pets allowed.

Sunday, October 22 – Participate in Síclovía San Antonio! Síclovía is San Antonio’s version of an event called Ciclovía that originated in Bógota, Colombia about 30 years ago. Síclovía is a free event that temporarily makes the selected San Antonio streets available to residents for recreational and sport activities. Ciclovías make the streets car-free so participants can bike, run, skateboard, walk, or do anything else without worrying about cars. There are Reclovías along the route that include water, resting and eating places, bathrooms, and fun activities.

November – Potluck Dinner at Temple Beth-El & SAC Planetarium Program

December – Wednesday evening Poetry Reading & Dinner at Olmos Bharmacy

January – Tour of the Toyota Plant & Meal

February – Museum Tour & Meal

March – Wildflower Bus Tour & Sightseeing in Johnson City & Fredericksburg (Those who wish to bicycle to Johnson City or Fredericksburg may do so and meet the others for lunch. We can transport your bicycles back to San Antonio.)

April – Embassy Mini-Golf & Dinner at Max & Louie’s New York Diner

May – Dinner at Mi Tierra & Light Show at San Fernando Cathedral

Sunday, June 10 – Lavender Festival in Blanco, Texas

July – Dinner & Wine-Making


Watch for further details on these events soon!

For further information and/or to place your name on the mailing list, contact Geri Gregory at (210) 733-9135, ext. 120, or [email protected].
This is a fun and active social group that is supported, in part, by San Antonio Jewish Senior Services.