Meeting Notes (3/14/19)

Meeting Notes

Notes from 3/14/19

Attendees: Trent Boarnet, Mark Ingram, Mel Cohen, Daniel Laser, Craig Gulledge, Tracey Gulledge

Upcoming Items:

Update->3/20/19 City of San Antonio’s ozone attainment plan was brought before the city council B session. The presentation can be found at The draft of the plan can be found at

3/28/19 4-6pm Green Space Alliance (108 E Mistletoe) Open House (Tracey will attend).

4/22/19, Earth Day.

5/30/19 7pm Temple Beth-El H3 Meeting

Texas Legislature important dates:

  • 5/27/19 Last day of regular legislative session

Discussion Items:

Important Links:

Next meeting: Thursday 4/18/19 at 6:30pm at Thai Topaz, 2177 NW Military. (Private room reserved by Daniel)