Meeting Notes (2/12/19)

Meeting Notes

Notes from 2/12/19

Problem areas include:

-          Are organizations & agencies working together & communicating?

o   Ruthie told us about the AACAT – Alamo Area Coalition Against Trafficking group who coordinates with @70 organizations

-          There is a lack of education/knowledge & a need to educate – if you see something, say something

-          Needs of victims, such as backpacks, phones, etc.

Ruthie knows of a presentation & DVD through the NCJW that can educate us on trafficked teens.  She will look into if we can get to it ourselves via a link or will bring it to a meeting to talk through it with us.

Possible focus area could be education – teens, parents, everyone, really. Know the signs.

Where can we make an impact?

Homework: We all need to read more about the issues and the organizations involved by our next meeting.


Research links, topics, groups AACAT – Alamo Area Coalition Against Trafficking – start here; lots of links for other groups & agencies, as well as videos and reports

Centro Seguro – temporary place to stay

SAPD – Stop Human Trafficking department - Lavish  - Rape Crisis Center  - Clarity Child Guidance Center - SA Counseling & Behavioral Center  -Communities in Schools   - CASA - CPS

Baptist Behavioral Health Center

Battered Women’s Shelter


Organizations (suggestions from Ross Halfant)

National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) (local/state)

Pathways to Hope (local)

SA Clubhouse (local)

Here for Texas (state)

Hogg Foundation for Mental Health (state)

United Against Human Trafficking (state)

Heart of Texas - Human Trafficking Coalition (state)  


Legislative information that you may want to keep an eye on (suggestions from Ross Halfant)

Health Care Issues in Legislative Session      

NAMI's Bills to Watch for 2019

Hogg Foundation Policy Priorities