Executive Director



Cynthia L. Hogle

Cynthia’s journey has taken her from working on the sitcom Roseanne to deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. From television production and storytelling to public diplomacy, these endeavors required liaising between general populations and religious, political, military, academic, and creative leadership. A dedicated public servant, Cynthia is committed to creating greater understanding and increased communications across religions and cultures.

Having been a Bat Mitzvah, Cynthia studied in Israel during high school and as an adult. However, one of her favorite Jewish memories is celebrating Shabbat with Soldiers in Afghanistan.

Embedded as a cultural intelligence analyst for the U.S. Army, Cynthia’s work and interviews with Afghan women resulted in the seminal report regarding women in the southern region, upon which military projects were based, including the establishment of a learning center for women and girls.

In Iraq, Cynthia established the Public Diplomacy Office for the Department of State’s mid-region area. She developed a national training program for Iraqi journalists, which resulted in an Emmy Award-winning documentary. In addition, Cynthia established The Actors and Artists Forum in Karbala Province. She created a program to record books from Scholastic’s “My Arabic Library” collection by actors for radio broadcast, which Scholastic replicated nationally and internationally.

Cynthia produced events and managed public diplomacy strategies for the White House, including the 50th Anniversary NATO Summit and programs celebrating the millennium. She also directed projects for academic and nonprofit organizations and has several television production credits.

Academic accomplishments include certifications from the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command and the U.S. Department of State Foreign Service Institute. Cynthia received her Bachelor of Arts from California State University, Northridge, and her Master in Public Administration from Harvard University.