Temple Beth-El is an inclusive spiritual home. Familiarity with the Hebrew prayers enables greater participation in worship. Click on any prayer below to hear it chanted or read and click the ‘read icon’ to see the text.

Candle Blessing (p. 3)

Shabbat Eve Kiddush (p. 5)

Bar'chu (p. 28 or 108)

Ma'ariv Aravim (p. 30)

Yotzer Or (p. 110)

Sh'ma (p. 34-35 or 114-115)

V'ahavta (p. 36 or 116)

Mi Chamocha (evening) (p. 40)

Mi Chamocha (morning) (p.122)

Avot (p. 46/48 or 124/126)

G'vurot (p. 50 or 128)

K'dusha (evening) (p. 52)

K'dusha (morning) (p. 130)

Shalom Rav (evening) (p. 60)

Sim Shalom (morning) (p. 140)

Oseh Shalom (p. 62 or 142)

Torah Service: Baruch Shenatan, Sh'ma, Echad (p. 248)

Blessing before Reading of Torah (p. 250)

Blessing after Reading of Torah (p. 250)

Blessing before Reading of Haftarah (p. 254)

Blessing after Reading of Haftarah (p. 254)

Aleinu (p. 283, continued on 287)

Mourner's Kaddish (p. 294)

Birkat haMazon (p. 302-305)

Candle Blessing (p. 3)