Youth Education

At Temple Beth-El, we offer our students an opportunity to design their own education, based on their passions, to foster lifelong love of Jewish learning.
2023-2024 Religious School Registration is Underway!

Religious School Registration is open for Temple Beth-El students in Preschool, Age 3 by September 1, through Post Confirmation, Grade 12.

Register through your Shulcloud account and click on the “Enroll to School” icon.

Beit Midrash

Synagogue buildings are meant to act as three things: a beit t’filah, a house of prayer, a beit k’nesset, a house of gathering, and a beit midrash, a house of study.   We are a community of learners, working together to find what impact Judaism can have on our lives and how we can make an impact on the Jewish world. We will study what is important to our congregation, our families, and ourselves and explore these topics in a Jewish lens in our own Beit Midrash.

We proudly offer customizable educational programs for students in Preschool through Grade 10.

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Looking Ahead


04oct4:30 PM6:00 PMHebrew School (grades 3-6)

04oct6:30 PM8:30 PMConfirmation (grade 10)

04oct6:30 PM8:30 PMPreconfirmation (grades 8-9)

08oct9:30 AM12:00 PMNO Religious School

11oct4:30 PM6:00 PMHebrew School (grades 3-6)

11oct6:30 PM8:30 PMPreconfirmation (grades 8-9)

11oct6:30 PM8:30 PMConfirmation (grade 10)

15oct9:30 AM12:00 PMReligious School

15oct12:30 PM2:00 PMPost Confirmation (grades 11-12)

18oct4:30 PM6:00 PMHebrew School (grades 3-6)

18oct6:30 PM8:30 PMConfirmation (grade 10)

18oct6:30 PM8:30 PMPreconfirmation (grades 8-9)

22oct9:30 AM12:00 PMReligious School

25oct4:30 PM6:00 PMHebrew School (grades 3-6)

25oct6:30 PM8:30 PMPreconfirmation (grades 8-9)

25oct6:30 PM8:30 PMConfirmation (grade 10)

29oct9:30 AM12:00 PMReligious School

Post Confirmation

This monthly, seminar-style series for students in Grades 11 & 12 empowers them to join leaders in the broader Jewish community. Learning with the clergy and education staff, students discuss contemporary issues through a Jewish lens. A course highlight is a trip to Washington, DC for the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism’s L’Taken program.


Questions? Contact the Religious School Office (210) 733-9135 x108 or email us at: